29th. January 2019 / Walk While Thinking, Think While Walking

29th. January 2019, Walk While Thinking, Think While Walking
Walk While Thinking, Think While Walking will help you to live a healthier, happier and more meaningful life.
This is not a philosophy lecture. Participants recognise their own existence, the environment they breathe and the group that they are the member of. The facilitator encourages the children to focus, to think, to speak, to discuss with the method of philosophy for/ with children.
We enthusiastically agree that philosophy walks with children help them to improve their physical and mental and social wellbeing and reconnect with nature in ways that help to promote health and happiness. Rather than reaching a destination, the children rediscover the joy and beauty of walking, in a way that they will remember this experience, “Walk While Thinking, Think While Walking” with love for the rest of their lives.
This workshop is for children between 7-12 years old.
The goal of these fun walks is:
– Experience the healthy harmony of body and mind
– Discover nature in nature
– Think and discuss about the thoughts, problems and questions
The event will take place in Macka Parc.
* Participants are given a certificate of attendance.
* The program will be opened for 8 – 16 children.
* Participation fee is 100,00 TL.
* Cancellations will be refunded.
* Natural snacks such as nuts and fruits will be served.
* Necessary to bring suitable shoes and clothes according to the weather of the day.
Opus Noesis Education and Consulting Ltd.
T. İş Bank, Heybeliada Branch
Branch Code – Account No: 1023-0332662
IBAN: TR30 0006 4000 0011 0230 3326 62
To make a payment by Credit Card: www.opusnoesis.com.tr
(Those requesting invoices are required to share invoice information, if not legal entity, if not T.C. identification number and address information.)
You can complete your registration by calling +90 212 972 22 72 & +90 542 380 20 30 or by sending the payment certificate to opus@opusnoesis.com.tr.
Riella Morhayim & Veli Metin
Riella Morhayim, (BA, Philosophy, Bogazici University; MA, Organisational Psychology, IDC Herzliya; MA, Philosophy and Philosophical Practice, Tel Aviv University) is a Philosophical Counsellor and Philosophical Practitioner, facilitating individuals, couples, groups and organisations in Israel and Istanbul. So far, she has given workshops in different conferences around the world: Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Budapest, Holand, France, Greece and Israel and contributed to the book, “Women in Philosophical Counseling: The Anima of Thought in Action” (https://rowman.com/ISBN/9780739191651/Women-in-Philosophical-Counseling-The-Anima-of-Thought-in-Action)
She is doing her counseling sessions under the name of “Unlocking Practices” with English, Turkish and Hebrew speakers.
Veli Metin is interested in philosophy, “alternative education”, architecture and art.
He leads trainings and workshops in those areas.
As an activist, he volunteers many national and international NGOs to touch life.

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